Please Help Us Grow


Here’s what you can donate to help advance the causes of

Long Beach Grows. Your donations are tax deductible thanks

to our partnership with the Winkle Institute,

a 501(c)(3) non-profit (tax ID # 45-4009945).

  1. 1. Your time and expertise and ideas. Be creative.

  1. 2. Building, gardening, and agricultural supplies. Large and small donations are welcome, including for example,  a one-horse or two-horse trailer or preferably lower profile (shorter) animal trailer, or hand tools, etc..

  1. 3. Veterinary services. Or other professional services that you are willing to donate to Long Beach Grows. If you join the Long Beach Time Exchange also, you can earn time dollars for every hour of service you donate to Long Beach Grows.

  1. 4.Space in Long Beach to grow community urban farming cooperatives. Do you know of any reasonably sized vacant lots, ideally in the heart of a residential neighborhood to allow for community outreach and involvement? Do you know of any landowners who would be willing to donate their land, or lease their land to Long Beach Grows for a nominal fee? Do you know of any willing property owners of buildings with large flat rooftops? If so, please contact

  1. 5.Join Long Beach Grows. Do you want to join the Long Beach Grows food movement NOW? Are you interested in participating in community urban agriculture and wish to be a Long Beach Grows co-op member? If so, please sign up NOW

  1. 6.Make a monetary contribution using paypal

   or by check payable to Long Beach Grows

      inquire about our current mailing address

  1. 7.Visit Long Beach Grows’ book wishlist at to contribute to our library.


  1. 8.Use the following links. A portion of your sales will be refunded to Long Beach Grows.

9. For other inquiries


        please contact us

            by email at